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Short Street Kitchen

At Short Street Kitchen, health and well-being is celebrated through living naturally and simply.  Offering hands-on workshops that are not only informative but an amazing experience and a day out to remember. 

Signature workshops include:

  • "Made From Scratch" - a hands-on cooking class that gets back to basics. Learn how to create beautiful panty staples, natural and free from preservatives and chemicals, that you will want to make time and time again.
  • "Probiotic Drinks" - join the kombucha craze and learn how to brew it yourself at home along with sparkling water kefir and creamy milk kefir. Take home a SCOBY and both kefir cultures to get started at home. 
  • "Creating a Healthy Home" - a workshop designed to create awareness and knowledge around the common toxins and chemicals we are exposed to daily. Full of some amazing general health tips, lots of take-home information and DIY product making to get you started on a low-toxin lifestyle. 

Main Features

  • Peaceful 25 acre semi-rural property, with acres of rambling rose gardens, orchards and veggie patches.
  • Workshops include morning tea and a delicious long table lunch.
  • Take home extensive notes and everything you have created.
  • Private group workshops available by appointment.

Short Street Kitchen

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